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Something I don’t want to see in the Zutara fandom. 



This whole “gizoogle” or whatever thing. I don’t like it, and I don’t want it tainting Zutara. 

Yes, there are real people out there who talk like that. They just do. It’s not your place to laugh or judge. Language is language. My language isn’t better than anyone elses. Ebonics isn’t meant to humor anyone.

It’s just a way to speak.

The entire idea behind it is “omg look at how black people talk” like nope nope nope nope nope nope not funny stop it now.

I just don’t want to see it in this fandom.

Let’s keep being the badass, non-offensive fandom that we are, shall we?

I am from Atlanta. I talk that sometimes and I have friends who talk like that as well. My brother still teases me to this day for taking like a “black girl”. No one is trying to make fun of anyone, and it’s irritating that I can’t even post something for fun without being socially incorrect.
Soooo if no one’s trying to make fun of someone, why are people laughing uproariously? You think being unable to make fun of Eubonics/speech patterns is irritating? How about the ramifications of racism that people live with, which are far more detrimental and even lethal compared to being called out on the Internet for doing something racist and offensive.
Gizoogle calls itself a ‘parody’. A parody of what? Speech patterns/linguistic stylisms developed, created and used by Black/African American people. If we lived in a society where all forms of language and all the different people who spoke them were respected/ valued/ had equal access to power, then yea, we can laugh about Gizoogle. BUT WE DON’T LIVE IN THAT WORLD.
We live in a world where Black culture is degraded, criminalized, called animalistic and violent, ‘ghettoized’ until some white person figures out a way to make money off it. Eubonics is a language and it was a language developed out of the multiple contexts of Black experience: oppression, poverty, resistance, Black music and a multiple other things. BUT it’s still struggling for respect among society because it’s associated with Black people and we live in a white supremacist society.
Gizoogle CONTRIBUTES to that trend by parodying something that’s already marginalized and vilified. That isn’t parody that’s lazy and racist.
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  10. kathrynlacey said: There’s always going to be something that offends someone. There’s no getting around it. I honestly think people would be a lot happier if they could learn to laugh at themselves and not take everything so personally. =\