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Can the mostly white women in the Michelle Obama tag please stop 

Stop complaining that we’re focusing too much on what Michelle Obama is wearing. You know why? Because INTERFUCKINGSECTIONALITY.

Because women of color, especially Black women, are routinely dehumanized, defeminized, degraded and insulted and have been since the founding of this country. Michelle Obama occupies many historic roles: First Black First Lady, advocate for nutrition, and yes, style icon. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH LOVING AND ENJOYING FASHION.

And guess what, a woman of color, ESPECIALLY A BLACK WOMAN, being celebrated and appreciated for her quite frankly fabulous style is a huge deal, so let WOC have our squee moment over her clothes because unlike you we have no problems thinking in multiple contexts and appreciating the FLOTUS’ fashion choices right alongside her other accomplishments.

Seriously. Get your white feminism outta her tag.

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    I know people are NOT complaining about Michelle! They better swerve with they hatin ass! She is flawless.
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